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*** - Three asterisks means it's the most important sentence to read.
** - Means it's quite important.
* - Means it's interesting.


9.30am TOOWOOMBA CITY CHURCH. Address: Neil and Thomas Sts

1. # of people:
* 144 people 3 Aug 2014.
* 123 people 13 June 2014. (First time there was more people at The Base with 127 people 13 June 2014.)
* 134 people 15 June 2014.
* 208 people 9 Feb 2014.
* 210 people 2 Feb 2014.
* 153 people 6 Oct 2013 (Ian Shelton in NY, in UK May14).
* 397 people early 2013.
* 363 people 24//1/2010
* 252 people
* 190 people in 2000.
2. Available chairs: 400. (Also, the Basement has 100 chairs, Thomys Cafe can fit another 100.)
*3. Type of person: Businessmen and others with socio-political influence.
4. Socio- Economic Status: Middle.
5. Kids: 70 aged 0 - 18. 55 primary age kids went to near by room for Sunday School at 10.22am 24/1/10, like in all churches, Sunday School is never mandatory as some kids, about 20%, prefer church.
6. Ages: Not only younger people but older people as well.
7. Men: 50%.
8. Offering: Not disclosed.
9. Late arrivals: 9 at 9.38am.
10. Interesting info: Severe damage was sustained at Toowoomba City Church in the Toowoomba flood 10 Jan 2011. All carpets were missing 16 jan 2011 and replaced pre Aug 2011. Air conditioning not working 16 Jan 2011. They let the water out by pushing windows out. A strong financial position didn't cause this building sustained loss.
11. Date & Time spent: 40 visits including 2 Feb 2014; 17 Oct 1999; 30 Jan 2000; 30 Apr 2000; 13 May 2001. 10 Nov 2002 9.25am- 12.20pm. THE OLD FIGURE FOR TCC was 190 people worshipping in 2000.
12. When service finished. 11.10am. Allow 1.5 - 2 hours. Or an hour longer if attending free new comers BBQ.
13. This & other service times: 9.30am. 6.30pm. AS OF NOVEMBER 2003 THERE WAS ONE SERVICE. IN MAY 2001 THERE WERE TWO SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES. (See closed services and churches file)
**14. Preacher: Pastor Nathaniel or Nat Spary preached from mid 2014. Tiffany "Tiff" Spary preached 13 July 2014. Pastor Ian Shelton preached up until mid 2014 & it could be said Ian Shelton was grooming Nat Spary in 2014 to maybe be senior Pastor of Toowoomba City Church. Ian Shelton stopped collecting stipend Dec 2013 but still worked in office in 2014. (Pastors whom stopped being paid stipend was Adam Grant, Chris Windus and Evan Shelton all at end of 2013. Evan stipended at RCC for one year in 2014 to work all Sunday nights and 2 Sunday mornings and once a month had been music Director at TCC.) Early 2014, Letitia or "Tish" (1 year younger than church thus 39yo in Aug 2014) works part time with City Women, not employed directly by TCC.) David Millican’s daughter is Lacey Shelton (nee Millican) who married Evan Shelton (Married June 29, 2009, engaged 9 Feb 2009) (Ian Shelton’s son was Music Director of Toowoomba City Church till Dec 2013 but returns once a month. Employed by Rangeville Community Church in 2014 as Music Director 3 Sundays per month.) Ps Chris Windus left TCC 2013. Ps Adam Grant also left and had effectively last preached 6 Oct 2013.
15. Feeling: Good.
16. Their belief: Charismatic. To win the whole world to Christ. Unity of all churches especially evangelical and Pentecostal.
17. Dress code: Casual to Smart.
18. Travel towards city, turn west along Chalk Drive from Hume St, turn right or north along Neil Sts.
19. (Note) Acceptance in church as a visitor: -.
20. People who talked to me after the service: 7.
21. Length of time they talked: 1- 10 mins.
22. How soon do visitors get talked to after service?: -.
23. (Note) How much church is open to wider Christian community: Very.
24. Unusual things about worship: Nothing.
**25. (Note) Emphasis of ministry: Senior Ps Ian Shelton fulfilled more of a role as an organiser of conferences, special events, institutional church political unity. Christian Leaders Network was started by Ps Ian Shelton and existed about 1990 - 2013 and was the largest Charismatic and Evangelical Ministers association / fraternal / working group (The second of two Toowoomba Pastor groups were the traditional "Institutionalised Church" leaders which was to do with Catholic Priest Brian Sparksman which was largely the "big four" denominations in Australia, the Anglicans, Catholics, Lutherans and Uniting). Christian Leaders Network, whom met Friday mornings for Pastors / full time pseudo ministry leaders who get paid at least part time but whose professional job were full time leaders. They would say the meeting was for prayer. However, in this meeting they also discussed parishioners they have shared problems with and how to deal with that person. Especially if it effected the politics of the city but individuals had also been discussed. (Editor’s note: I am often asked if I have ever attended Christian Leaders Network. The answer: I have never been asked to attend. I have never attended. They also held a combined church service at the Empire Theatre or Easterfest circa 2010 and when the big church hall at Humeridge was built circa 2012 met 3 or 4 times a year there. They bought George Otis from the "Transformations" video to Toowoomba. Pastors were known to mow each others lawn as a kind of sign of humility circa 2005 - 2009. Pastors got invited to preach in other churches as well circa 2005 - 2009. Before retirement, Ps Colin Shaw did travel part of the world promoting inter-church politics via groups of Pastors and leaders in weekend rural accommodation "Prayer Summits." See below for where he retired. (Not TCC).
* NEW MEMBERSHIP RULES began 1 June 2014 to combat internal conflicts from 9 months prior and is largely for anyone who is in leadership. Includes things like small group connecting & attendance of corporate gatherings.

26. Famous business people: -. There are businesses set up specifically to fund the church. (For example, Hydroponics Tomatoes were grown for Woolworths at Crows Nest.) Emu Gully, an outdoor recreation large area on the Range highway between Withcott and Toowoomba was affiliated with the church. Emu Gully employs 25 staff. 20 full time and casual 35 staff. Had 2nd property northern NSW border. Barry Rodgers had started this in 1995. Barry Rodgers O.A.M. had received the Order of Australia in 2014.
*27. Famous people:
* BACKGROUND OF DAVID SCHENK, manager of Easterfest 2015. David Schenk started off managing Sonfest at Caloundra (very much a competing Christian music festival for artists) while going to Kings AOG. Having studied a short course at Hillsong and small Event Management coursework. Sonfest collapsed (along with Parachute in NZ.) Basically, David Schenk moved to Toowoomab circa 2006 and when Isaac Moody was ready to move on, David Schenk took the reigns.

* BACKGROUND OF LYLE SHELTON. In August 2006, Lyle Shelton ran for the seat of Toowoomba north with the National Party in the Queensland State elections. Ian Shelton's son is Lyle Shelton. Lyle was a councillor for 6 1/2 years in the local government "Toowoomba City Council" till August 2006. Lyle was the youth Pastor at TCC. (In 2005 his sister Letitia Shelton was the Youth Pastor.) In Feb 2005 a publicly printed "Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International" biography stated- "Lyle Shelton was elected to the Toowoomba City Council in March 2000. A Toowoomba resident since the age of three, Lyle attended Gabbinbar State School and Toowoomba Christian College. He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from the University of Southern Queensland. As a journalist, Lyle was editor of the Queensland Graingrower newspaper and Toowoomba-based reporter for the Queensland Country Life newspaper. In 1995, he was transferred to Rural Press Limited's Melbourne office where he served as Group Commodities Editor for the company's national network of newspapers and magazines. In 1997, he returned to Toowoomba to take up a position as youth minister at Toowoomba City Church. He continues to work part time for the church and engages in occasional free­lance writing. Lyle's interests include jogging, Australian Football (he is a former player in the Darling Downs Australian Football League), public affairs and reading. He is married to Wendy and they have four children, including twin boys aged three."
* Famous business people: Andrew Youngberry was a long term attendee to TCC and employed 88 people in organic chicken farm in Inglewood in 2014. Having previously had large rented farms in specialist tomatoes and cucumbers etc.. He worked 14 - 16 hours per day and rested weekends in Toowoomba. He was 61yo in 2014 and in 2013 testified he had lost count how many times he had given $1 million per year to "the work of God." (Not every year.) However, by 2014 he had "lost millions" (which would have dried up the pastoral stipend kitty.) Was making profit again by 2014.
28. Knowable songs: Well known Hillsongs etc...
29. Quality of sound system/ loudness: High standard on sound. Also they do video production. They have 4 projector screens with computer generated words & images.
30. Quality of preaching generally: Big picture focused. "How to get things done in a corporate way."
31. Meaningfulness/ depth of preaching: Has an emphasis of doing, getting things done.
32. Enjoyment/ lightness of preaching: Yes.
33. Impact/ deepness/ enjoyment of worship: Quite OK.
34. Amount of home groups: About six. "As people tend to be quite involved in doing some direct ministry instead."
35. How to access home groups: See newsletter, boards at back, or a Pastor.
36. Friendliness of home groups: -.
37. Intention to build: One Pastor said "We don't have any intention to build as to put a large building on this property would cost 6-7 million and we'd rather put the money to something else."
38. Estimate percentage church owned / rented?: Owned.
39. Estimate age of building: 60 years. It was a clothing factory.
40. Dowdiness of building outside: OK.
41. Inside?: OK.
42. Have sister churches where? At Kawana Sunshine Coast is a church loosely affiliated with them started by a Pastor who came from Sydney to Toowoomba and then some 30 people followed him to the Sunshine Coast and as of 2002 he's in Canada.
43. Sunday School availability: Yes. 12 primary kids 6 Oct 2013.
44. Ages availability: Creche in Thommys 0-3; Kindy 4-7; Kidz church 8-12yo. The children leave half way through worship. The program goes till 11.15am.
45. % kids attend: 90%.
46. Noise of kids at back: Good.
47. Where is bible college? Toowoomba. It was the only full time Bible College in Toowoomba under "World Changers" ministry from AOG Adelaide, is now entirely supported by AOG Spring St. A couple of students from TCC and Vision attended. Could do 1 year full time internally with an option of going 2 further years full time externally. The college was once accommodated through renovations at TCC.
48. Where do kids school? This church has their own medium sized school some 5 kms north of Mt Kynoch between Highfields and Toowoomba directly on the highway.
49. How many missionaries do they support: Several.
50. What cost? -.
51. What is average they give to missions: Have given $35,000 plus supporting several missionaries overseas.
52. What is average they give to local poor? At 11am week days the poor are directly fed and can take bread away.
53. International poor? There are business programs for the poor setup overseas so they can work their way out of debt. Called "Business Aid."
54. Other emphasis on giving: TCC has given $10,000 to AGMF; $15,000 for the Light for equipment; $30,000 profits of Transformations Conference video sales got 20 overseas Pastors to fly here; 4 days of chaplain work. The house behind the church which was used by the Light Radio Station is now used for Recovery Ministries as of 2002. This ministry has an office downtown, upstairs on eastern side of Ruthven St between Margaret St and Herries St near Dimmies.
55. Per head total giving: Not given.
***56. Extent of other church programs: Alpha, French class, independent MUD (Missionaries Under Discussion) meetings were also held there which 20 or so used to attend. In about 1995 8 people left Toowoomba to carry on "Logus" or the political arm of the church in Canberra. The background of this church is as such. Ian Shelton has been working on this church in Toowoomba since about 1980. He left Toowoomba for a couple of years to help some other churches in Sydney whom had a similar vision. This church, often referred to as "Logus" was infamous in that they once all travelled from Sydney to Perth. Then they all permanently moved to Toowoomba, making headlines in the local paper. They previously owned "Lords' Restaurant" on the Range and turned it into a bible college. The original Pastor from Sydney, Howard Carter, was caught in some highly publicised grievance (not criminal) and died of eye cancer circa 1991.
57. Pastor receive stipend? Yes.
58. How much? Ian Shelton has publicly stated he does not wish to disclose how much this amount is. Before he retired circa 2009, Ps Colin Shaw used to travel to mainly New Zealand Australia doing "Prayer Summits" under the guise of "Church unity". Circa 2012, Colin Shaw shifted back to New Zealand and was doing Prayer Summits.
59. Qualifications of Pastor: Unsure.
60. Estimated of parishioners complaints. Many still feel they are too political, in the world and in the church. Often are accused of getting too focused on "their good works" instead of personally caring for their own and others.
61. Estimated ability to resolve parishioners complaints: There probably needs some work here.


5.30pm TOOWOOMBA CITY CHURCH. Address: Neil and Thomas Sts

1. # of people:
* 32 people 15 June 2014 at Bon Amici Cafe, Eat St.
* 40 people 13 April 2014 at Bon Amici Cafe, Eat St.
* 29 people 6 Oct 2013.
* 54 people 7 Apr 2013 (2 young women went from long hair to bald for charity, $7k raised)
* 27 people 18 Mar 2012
* 104 people 31 July 2005.

* 182 people combined service with 3 other churches circa 2005.
* 122 people circa 2004.
2. Available chairs: In Thommy's chairs are about 100 in 18 Mar 2012. 400 in main church area 31 July 2005.
*3. Type of person: Interestingly, for a few years, when there was no night service circa 2010 one single older woman (Letitia Shelton) [not spelt Leticia] and another 40yo married mum (by herself) would bring single women from their Toowoomba City Church to the nearest AOG for ... let's just call it "fellowship".
4. Socio- Economic Status: Middle.
5. Kids: No one below Gr 9 in 18 Mar 2012 .
* 6. Ages: In 2014, on Eat St there were 5 different church groups there. In 2013, This seems to be predominantly a young adults service as most were probably age 20 - 25years old, a few young as gr 10 perhaps and I doubt anyone was over 30.
7. Men: It looked like 9 of the 27 people were single young working men there.
8. Offering: -.
9. Late arrivals: -.
*10. Interesting info:
* * HOW DID THIS CHURCH CONVINCE A COFFEE SHOP TO HOLD CHURCH? Toowoomba City Church Nite Life put the feelers out to all different cafes to have a night service. Virtually only Bin Amici got back to them. They held a month trial run. Owner felt the concept was cruising after 4 months. Christian duo sang own songs first about 5.30pm - 6pm. About 6pm an informal leader (Owen) introduced a new person (Kendrich) who talked about his real life & then had to give an imaginary tale about 3 items yelled from the all Christian audience (90% aged 20- 30years old) . Then about 6.15pm a lay preacher (Dan) gave a traditional sermon ending 6.55pm. The manager packed outside chairs at 6.20pm so you basically have to order before the service starts. 40 people.

* In 2005 this happened not in 2012. It was interesting in that this was a PUBLIC church service and technically it could be said that now church isolates the poor as some of these courses one needs to take in which to take part of this public service had a monetary cost. This was the first time ever in Toowoomba where it costs money to go to church. Or be embarrased. It's the thin edge of the wedge. Is this acceptable? Also, Ps Shelton said "Put your churches name on the offering envelope." The courses are on things like Marriage enrichment, evangelism etc..

11. Date & Time spent: 18 Mar 2012 6.35pm - 8.15pm. 31 July 2005 6.25pm - 9pm. 23 Mar 2003 6.45pm- 7.10pm. 10 visits from 1985- 2005.
12. When service finished. In 18 Mar 2012 Allow 1.5 hours. In 31 July 2005, t
he courses used to start after 45-60 mins.
13. This & other service times: 5.30pm; 9.30am. (No night service for a few years circa 2010 but small youth service resumed in 2011, venue change- 5.30pm-7pm service at "Bon Amici Cafe" on Eat St 16 Mar 2014.) On the 2nd Sunday of each month this church used to split into 3 at night. One group went to Living Grace Lutheran. Another group was at TCC doing a paid Alpha course. Another group did a paid Marriage Enrichment course. There has been no public meeting on the 2nd of each month. Had been 182 people (This was a combined church activity with leaders involved from Living Grace Lutheran, Vision, Range Christian Fellowship etc..) However, before these other churches came in to do these short (paid) courses began there were approximately 122 Toowoomba City Church people. Night service time changed from 6.30pm to 5.30pm on 2 Feb 2014.
**14. Preacher: Senior Pastor Ian Shelton was not there 18 Mar 2012 but Music Pastor, his youngest son was there. On 31 July 2005 Associate Ps Adam Grant had spoke but not there 2013. Ian Shelton went from a farm to Brisbane and studied to be a Methodist Minister. Ian Shelton had a bible study at Raff St Methodist (later become Uniting then Choral Society). Was baptised in the spirit. Began his church at Groom Park Hall with a handful of people taking an offering of $30 the first Sunday. Ian was roughly 28yo. (Celebrated churches 40th birthday 3 Aug 2014. Roughly 28 + 40 = 68yo or 1946) Later moving to 333 Ruthven St (above Chutney Mary). Renting for decades before current freehold building.
15. Feeling: -.
**16. FURTHER BACKGROUND OF LOGUS: Howard Carter was a minister in Baptist New Zealand and bought a few people to Sydney then Blue Mountains. Bruce Fry was not a Uniting Church of Australia minister but he and Alan Small approached Howard Carter to help pastor. Howard Carter asked them to pray about it. Alan Small laid a fleece but his house did not sell. Alan Small then went to Uniting Church of Australia to study to be a Uniting Church of Australia minister. Howard Carter split group into 4 tribes. Bruce Fry managed one in his own nearby house. Bruce Fry was asked to go to Bathurst by Carter but group did not join Logus. Howard Carter went to the USA often and bought out Bob Mumford and Derek Prince. Howard Carter wrote Derek Prince a letter saying his theology was incorrect thus ending the relationship. When Logus moved from Blue Mountains to Perth the caravan of cars called into Bruce Fry, doing church work, in Whyalla. Howard Carter said any car broken down had to find it’s own way to Perth. Scatterseed (about 20 couples going to many cities in Australia for some 2 years) was about political Christian information dissemination and you were not allowed to go if you wanted to form churches. Sister churches were in Canada and Philippines. Bruce Fry went to to Range Christian Fellowship with his old friend Alan Small in 2012 and was then 81years old.
17. Dress code: Casual to Smart.
18. Travel towards city, turn west along Chalk Drive from Hume St, turn right or north along Neil Sts.

9.30am "THE PROJECT" is a church and is at "Toowoomba Christian College" and is a Highfields extension service to mother church "TOOWOOMBA CITY CHURCH" on the New England Highway between Highfields and Mt Kynoch.

1. # of people: 122 people on 24 March 2013.
2. Available chairs: 200. (Also, the Basement has 100 chairs, Thomys Cafe can fit another 100. TCC 500 totals 800.)
3. Type of person: Teachers, dental hygienist, boiler maker, blue collar workers.
4. Socio- Economic Status: Middle.
5. Kids: 56 of the 122 were kids under age 18 which is an unusual 50% but by enlarge expected.
6. Ages: Mostly young families. No singles. No oldies.
7. Men: 50%.
8. Offering: Not given but saw about $80 from 37 people.
9. Late arrivals: Some.
10. Interesting info:
* "Toowoomba Christian College" was the only school attached to an independent church called "Toowoomba City Church" and held 679 students in 2014 with 73 staff. Toowoomba Christian College was the 2nd of two Pentecostal schools in Toowoomba, 2014. (The second was "Christian Outreach College" with similar numbers.) Because of student fees and government funding, there has been no cut back in staff at "Toowoomba Christian College" like there had been major cutbacks in Pastoral staff in "Toowoomba City Church" in 2013. This private high and primary co-ed school had put on 8 more staff in 2014. "Toowoomba Christian College" was formed at 10 Bowen St soon after "Toowoomba City Church" was there founded in the 1970's.
** Combine TCC Neil St with this service and you get 520 people going to one dual church which would have to be the first or at least second largest Pentecostal church in Toowoomba in 2013.
** Clayton Rogers started a Family Fun Day at Westbrook (Far south of Toowoomba) in 2013 which has been suspected of leading to another church plant.

** The first service of "The Project" began at "Toowoomba Christian College Auditorium" on 24 July 2011 so it was a well settled 21 months old when church had 122 people on 24 March 2013. "New Hope Assembly of God" were using this facility for awhile until pre-June 2011. This "Highfields New Hope Assembly of God" did not re-start in another building but people involved simply went back to Moffat St New Hope "and they were happy to go back".
11. Date & Time spent: 9.15am - 11.30am 24 March 2013.
12. When service finished. 11.12am was finished . Allow 1 hr 45m - 2 hours.
13. This & other service times: 9.30am.
**14. Preacher: Peter Sondergeld preached at The Project Toowoomba City Church in Highfields 24 March 2013. Peter Sondergeld's the son of Rolly Sondergeld who was Senior Pastor at West St and Bridge St Presbyterian who then sold that to the monks of a completely different faith and then built Christlife Prebyterian (opposite Bowling alley at Greenwattle and South streets. Also, Rolley Sondergeld basically replaced Herman Ruyters at Rangeville Community Church in March 2013. It was Peter Sondergeld's idea to have a church plant at "Toowoomba Christian College" and had been a manual arts teacher for 10 years since he had began in 1996. Three teachers from the school lead this church and Peter Sondergeld was one of the three. (Diff Crowther and Nathan Gilmour were the other two leaders of "The Project" in 24 March 2013. Nathan Gilmour had only been going to Toowoomba City Church for 3 months immediately before the start of this Project Church so he probably has a Presbyterian background.)
15. Feeling: The school hall was used by "The Project" / Toowoomba City Church. Which is a newish building circa 2006. Blue carpet, stackable, cushioned, plastic chairs. EV sound system, no need for A/C, Stage with permanent screen and projector. No screens, bring your own fly swatter. LOL.
16. Their belief: Peter Sondergeld is undoubtedly more Calvinist/ Evangelical than Pentecostal. A small example is that Pentecostals know the power of words but Sondergeld implies things like "You could die today … or tomorrow." Blue collar types who aren't saved, say similar things to their girlfriends and wives. When blue collar people find Christ they spiritualise their out of control anger and expect parishioners to do everything they say right then and there. Another example is this. The Project has closed small groups where you can join by office invitation only. Which probably has something to do with this quote direct from their website 24 March 2013 (which sounds like a Sondergeld statement) and I quote "CONFESSION and REPENTANCE – Are you allowing the Holy Spirit to stir in you and confront you with hard truth exposing your own sin? Are you confessing that sin to others and to God as you turn away from sin and towards Christ for true healing and restoration?" End quote. I would urge Sondergeld not to break off on his own as the group will be too small. Sondergeld needs to study the great fathers of pentecostalism for 10 years before preaching again. TCC has a large team of pastors who can take turns to roster preach. If you are Evangelical or Reformed (i.e. Africaans/ Christian Reformed) and your blue collar, you'll fit in here.
17. Dress code: Casual. Men wear T shirts or open neck short sleeve collar shirts. Women wear anything and everything bar formal.
18. Travel between Highfields and Murphy's Ck turn off, on New England Hwy. Head towards back of school. Park anywhere.
19. (Note) Acceptance in church as a visitor: Limited.
**25. Emphasis of ministry: Designed for school and Highfields people.
26. Famous business people: -. It's interesting that one of the many stipended Pastors from main church TCC supervises the assembly.
28. Knowable songs: Good.
29. Quality of sound system/ loudness: Good sound.
30. Quality of preaching generally: Usual.
31. Meaningfulness/ depth of preaching: Usual.
46. Noise of kids at back: Can hear kids in Sunday school in Summer.
48. Where do kids school? Here. TCC has this medium sized school some 5 kms north of Mt Kynoch between Highfields and Toowoomba directly on the highway.
57. Pastor receive stipend? Only supervisor.
59. Qualifications of Pastor: Peter likely limited or no formal theological study but experienced and a registered counsellor.



3.00pm THE BASE FAMILY CHURCH. Adminstration: Nathaniel Spary. Using the Toowoomba City Church building. Address: Neil and Thomas Sts

1. # of people:
* 127 people 13 June 2014. (30 piece Aboriginal kids choir from Sydney.)
* 56 people 20 Jan 2014 (with 63 chairs in Thommy's).
* 70 people 6 Oct 2013.
* 69 people 26 Aug 2012.
* 85 people 4 Sep 2011.
2. Available chairs: 400.
*3. Type of person: Non typical churchey types who hang loose, care free. YWAM ended their DTS there 6 Oct 2013 pre-outreach stage.
4. Socio- Economic Status: Not Middle or business but Lower, also family orientated.
5. Kids: 17 age 0- 17yo 4 Sep 2011. 26 Aug 2012 were mostly kids and under 25's. With 56 people on 20 Jan 2014 this did not include paid child care worker at back and kids with her (Sandra) so 56 is a minumum of people.
6. Ages: Mostly under age 30.
7. Men: 25 men. 28 women. (17 children)
8. Offering: 17 people gave $20. (Money will be well used in this church. As money only for food for poor people. $10,000 was saved by 6 Oct 13 for big bus, they have 2 small bus vans currently. A larger bus would take about 3 hours to fill each meeting. Maybe 3 or 4 small van buses would be better.)
9. Late arrivals: -.
10. Interesting info: The Base Family Church started exactly on the 11 April 2010. There was a dinner served after church almost always but in 2014 it was only the 1st Sunday of the month for the dinner.)
* RENTAL BLACKMARKS cause homelessness. You can pay $5 per minute on a phone call to see if you have a black mark registered against you on TICA. TICA can effectively almost ban you from ever renting property again. The Base has a program to help in this area.
11. Date & Time spent: 6 Oct 2013 2.45pm till 6.15pm. 4 Sep 2011 2.50pm till 4.45pm.
12. When service finished. (Service is 1 hour.) Allow 2 hours.
13. This & other service times: 3.00pm.
**14. Preacher: Pastor Nat Spary preached 13 July 2014 at "The Base" about how he came off selling drugs 14 years ago and came to being filled with the Holy Spirit & speaking in tongues. Nathaniel "Nat" Spary married to Tiffany "Tiff" Spary and both have been going to Toowoomba City Church before 2003 and soon started work in The Base (or The Basement) which largely provided food for the poor and needy at lunch) and Tiff Spary worked in Harlaxton and around Toowoomba doing Christian community work. Nat said he and Tiff were ordained ministers 6 Oct 2013. Nat Sparry was on stipend 19 Jan 2014.
**Tiff Spary is a qualified Social Worker from James Cook University, Townsville, married to Nat at age 19, inherited a step-son from Nat’s previous relationship, studied part time, travelled with Nat and Tiff’s twin babies for 1 week stints to Townsville many times. Was not paid Dec 2014 by Toowoomba City Church as finances ran out but continued same roll but wage resumed July 2014.
Dave Gunter preached 4 Sep 2011. Tina Gunter was inducted to Women's Hall of Fame. Tina Gunter was married to David Gunter and Tina Gunter came from a life of drugs and now goes to schools helping "at risk" youth. David Gunter was an ex maximum security guard who runs a program called "I Role With Dave" to help "at risk" youth, Dave Gunter's dad was a police officer and his mum was a welfare officer.
15. Feeling: Anticipative.
16. Their belief: Charismatic.
17. Dress code: Casual.
18. Travel towards city, turn west along Chalk Drive from Hume St, turn right or north along Neil Sts.


10am "GREGORY ST CHURCH" or "THE REVIVAL FELLOWSHIP" have shifted from 10 Gregory St in early 2010 to Jellicoe St Univerrsity of Queensland building and if not there they have used Warwick St chapel in School holidays.

1. # of people: About 40 people in 2010.
* 122 on 8 Apr 2001.
2. Available chairs: 220
*3. Type of person: Most of the men are blue collar workers such as painters, carpenters, labourers etc..
4. Socio- Economic Status: Mostly Working class or blue collar workers, higher ranked members in church are sales people, non high management office types.

5. Kids: 40 12-17yo 6. Ages: 1-70 but mostly young families. 7. Men: 50%
**8. Offering: Pastor said from pulpit "Could we watch our tithes and offerings as we are down several thousand dollars this year January till April 2001." (Many churches across the board said they lost much money at this exact time.)
*9. Late arrivals: 25 late. Service started 7 minutes late, people only got there to open the doors of the church 20 mins prior to church opening.
*10. Interesting info: There are 20-30,000 Papua New Guinean members, all due to 1 PNG tram driver who visited Brisbane. RF churches are in 17 countries of the world.
*11. Date & Time spent: 8/Apr/2001 Was at the church 6 hours straight! 8.55am-2.45pm!

12. When service finished. 2 hour first service.
13. This & other service times: In 2011 was 2pm. In 2001 was 10am and 1pm. (Self bring lunch in between.)
14. Preacher: No single Pastor in 2011, only leaders. Ps Russel Gay in 2001. (In 2009 there was no paid Pastor and amount of people had substantially reduced from 122 to about 50 people.) Steven and Sandra Matthews were pastors 2004 - 2009 having been leaders at Wollongong NSW.
15. Feeling: In 2001, they sing most normal older Charismatic songs.
***16. Their belief: Their bulletin says "Phillips Modern English Eph 5:18 "Don't get your stimulus from wine for there is always a danger of excessive drinking." Their defense for having to speak in tongues lies in John 3:5 "..unless one is born of water and the spirit.." In 3:8 they take the word "sound" out as "it really means language" and they say "The wind blows where it wishes and you hear the sound (language) of it.." Then they refer to other churches by quoting "I marvel that you are turning so soon.. to a different gospel, Which is not another; but there are some who.. want to pervert the gospel of Christ." Their church is run like many churches, as a company. "2,000 - 2,500" meet at their yearly National Assembly. Their Toowoomba camp at Perseverence at Easter was attended by 170 people. (134 can sleep there.)
***17. Dress code: Interestingly the bulletin says "..we feel it necessary that we ask you do not wear clothes that expose your tummies when you are at meetings.. if anyone were to ignore this request, they would be asked to wear a blouse to cover themselves.. young men are asked not to wear over sized pants exposing their under clothes.
18. Travel north along Ruthven, turn right at Jellicoe St.



1. # of people: 106 on 8/Apr/2001, same people from 10am service.
2. Available chairs: -.
3. Type of person: -.
4. Socio- Economic Status: -.
5. Kids: 40.
6. Ages:
7. Men:-
8. Offering:-
9. Late arrivals:-
10. Interesting info: The church "Gregory St Church" got a name change from being purely "The Revival Fellowship" which is it's denominational name to the individual name of "Gregory St Church" updated 2009.
11. Date & Time spent: 8/Apr/01 8.55am-2.45pm.
12. When service finished. 1 hour 10 min service.
13. This & other service times: 1pm, 10am.
14. Preacher:-
15. Feeling: -.
16. Their belief: -.
17. Dress code: -.


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