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9.00am CITILIFE CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTRE Address: Corner of Hume and Spring St

1. # of people:
* 350 people on 14 Sep 2014 (Clark Taylor preached)
* 253 people on 31 Aug 2014 (Annual food, fund raiser)
* 164 people on 10 Aug 14.
* 142 on 11 Nov 2012.
* 198 circa 2009.
* 148 on 6 June 04
2. Available chairs: About 370 seats (hard black plastic with chrome tube sides. Replaced in 2012.)
Previously was 380 seats till 2011 (Have fitted 330 + 40 kids in special service. Was soft foam benches from about 1980 till 2011)
3. Type of person: Typically extraverted by nature.
4. Socio- Economic Status: Working, professionals.
5. Kids: 28 kids stay in church with 38 extra kids with 6 teachers in Children's Church.
6. Ages: 0-80. Mostly under 60yo.
7. Men: 50%
8. Offering: -
** $85,000 was raised in annual pledge drive 31 Aug 2014 to pay for things like "Lighting $10,000, curtains $7,000, Red Frogs $1,500." After church had all free jumping castle, animal farm and food was opulent (cheesecake, noughat, slush machine, fairy floss, fruits, cheerios on sticks, caramel or normal popcorn, frozen yoghurt tubs or biscuit icecream.)
** On the last service shared with Rangeville Community Church, COC raised $40,000 in one month for the Asian Boxing Day 2004 Tsunami appeal. Les Holmes has helped Manna Ministries before in Sri Lanka and India and he had booked a flight In Nov 2004 for Feb 2005. "Global Care" is COC's aid agency in which 100% of the offering is going directly to Manna Ministries which has their Aid care arm.

**(Statistics from the Queensland Government said that COC were the most giving of all the churches.)
9. Late arrivals: In 2014, last 8 late at 9.20am.
**10. Interesting info:
** "Practising Christian" is the term worldly people have the most respect for & in 2014 is a very new term. (31Aug2014 Ken.W. message)
** FINAL COST OF EASEMENT COURT COSTS BY Citilife Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba AGAINST MASTERS HARDWARE CITED AT $400,000 - $450,000. About 1998 Masters Hardware wanted to take away a strip of land from Citilife Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba for road and piping. From Hume to Ruthven St. COC took on the case in the environment Court and basically won. (Because of the type of court it was they only got back $40,000.) The council paid for the road Hume St to Ruthven St between Masters and church. (May 2014)
** CHURCH SPLIT NO LONGER. Joe Casey and Pat Casey were Pastors at Citilife Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba and allegedly were stood down and asked to leave the church. They don’t really claim they took people but people did think it was unfair to ask them to leave the church. So they got a month by month lease Prescott St & James St. Apparently, Good Life Church was up to 70 people at first then shifted around and settled to 30 - 40 people. But by late 2013 Ken Wootin & Joe Casey talked and the Good Life Church returned BACK to Citilife Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba. Joe Casey itinerant preached independently in 2014+.
** COC does not throw people out of their churches. (AOG often do.)
** Citilife had market stalls on Saturdays. They rented out indoor areas of church for about $40 & outdoor areas (car park) for about $25. Typically selling craft type markets. They began May 2013 with 18 stalls and by 14 Dec 2013 had 90 stalls. Funds go toward Global Care (third world aid charity). (Not on in January 2014.)
**IN A SURPRISING MOVE, CLARK TAYLOR PREACHED AT CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTRE TOOWOOMBA 14 SEP 2014 (More than doubling the usual numbers.) Clark Taylor was ostracised out of all Christian Outreach Centres for 25 years from 1989 to 2014. Clark Taylor said 14 Sep 2014 that there was 2000 Christian Outreach Centre people at Victoria St, West End, Brisbane. They moved to Wecker Rd Mansfield, Brisbane and numbers dropped to 500. Soon there was 3000 people. So they added 2,500 seats. The plan was for 15,000 seats and the extra land was bought. Health wise his heart went down to 8% function 17 years ago (his heart was replaced). So how did Clark get to preach in Toowoomba? Clark had basically resigned from "The Worship Centre" in about 2012. In 29 Jun 2014 and 11 Aug 2013 Living Grace Lutheran in Toowoomba had Clark Taylor preach and Ps Ken Wootin visited 11 Aug 2013 which may have eventuated in the Toowoomba COC invitation. (Background: The founder of Christian Outreach Centre, Clark Taylor fell into adultery and resigned in 1989 after which he did USA ministry, married and divorced 2 other women and late 2000 he was reunited with his original wife Anne and was given a word "If he truly repents God will give him another 5 years of ministry." Clark tried to go back to Wecker Rd, Mansfield but leaders insisted he do nothing for 2 years. So Clark left. Another large church was formed in 2001 in Corina Brisbane with 503 people (see "The Worship Centre" Brisbane church file http://churchdiscover.com/bris.htm ). Founding COC Pastor of Kingaroy Karel Timmer said in Harlaxton Apostolic Church that in 2014 Clark Taylor has been preaching in many Christian Outreach Centres, small and large. In 2014, Clark Taylor ran a run down goat farm in Boonah where old friends would work and the morning and pray in the afternoon.

*11. Date & Time spent: (My personal background is COC and I went to church here in Toowoomba up to 9 meetings a week from 1980 till 1990.)
12. When service finished. Allow 2 hours.
13. This & other service times: 9am (9am in 2010 but was 10am), 6pm. (Service time was 9.30am until Rangeville moved to 8am.) Pastor Ken Wootin had taken over this church and preached 2 Dec 2012. Pastor Ken Wootin had many qualifications including a Masters and a part Doctorate and quit study to concentrate on Toowoomba having had 2 Pastors leave in 2012. Pastor Ken Wootin was the CEO of all the Christian Outreach Centres. Pastor Ken Wootin was the speaker at a public meeting at Christian Outreach College over the court case with Hardware store next door. Pastor Ken Wootin was Anglican till age 20 and then purely Christian Outreach Centre and is about in his mid forties in 2012.
14. Preacher: Pastor Ken Wootin was Senior Pastor in 2012 - 2014+.
Former or current pastors have included - (Jonathon & Kathi (she - DOB 8 Dec 1962) Oastler were Senior Pastors from Jan 08+ till before Aug 2012 where Jonathon Oastler was "put on sabbatical leave" but was unlikely to return as not there over 18 months later in January 2014. (Jonathon Oastler was a Pastor at Metro AOG Spring St 2005)
* Les Holmes preaches around world like he used to and in 2008 was assistant pastor.
* (It has been said very original meetings began in Gatton under Ps Webster which were bought up to Toowoomba. Things gathered momentum under Pastor Nigel McNeil who started in Groom Pk Hall with meetings then organised the building of the first church at current address circa 1979, (In 2004 an itinerate evangelist in USA) [who once served under Ps Kindha Greening in New Zealand. Ps Greening has worked at Kings Church AOG on Gold Coast.]) At Toowoomba the next Pastor after Nigel McNeil was David Patterson, then Ivan Nosworthy (Ivan then travelled around Australia in a caravan with his wife Loraine on full salary with COC Brisbane for 7 years doing itinerate Pastoring. In 2004 Ivan is semi-retired often Pastoring while other COC Pastors go on long service leave etc...) After Ivan came David Blair. David ran "Recovery Ministries" (counselling programs) from a downtown office before becoming Senior Pastor at Vision Community Church after Keith Peilicaan resigned in 2004.) Les Holmes was one of many Pastors at a large church called "Careforce Church" in Mt Evelyn in Victoria. (Old name was "Mount Evelyn Christian Fellowship" & 2012 name was "Careforce Lifekeys" and also was known as " Careforce Recovery Ministries" prior to 2011).
**15. Feeling: Generally warm. Many people leave COC for AOG but almost never the other way around. One Pastor publicly said in 2000 "If your here in church and not reaching out to the unsaved your wasting time."
** Pastors and leaders all throughout this denomination are well known to act the tyrant. Even resorting to publicly scolding people for first time offences with no warning, with no time given between the acceptable 3 warnings which the government and Scripture teach. As an example, not one but three bus drivers with spouses and children have left not just Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba but all churches all together for over an 8 year period each due to high work loads and what is essentially bullying by leaders. In many other cases, the wives stay and the husband does not go to any church.

16. Their belief: Charismatic/ Pentecostal. Little room for Toronto blessing now. Christian Outreach Centre traded as International Network of Churches (INC), ABN 79 400 419 737 in 2014+.
17. Dress code: Very casual to very smart.
18. How to get there: Travel South towards Kmart along Hume St passing Church of Christ, is on the next corner of Spring St.


6.00pm CITILIFE CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTRE Address: Corner of Hume and Spring St

1. # of people:
* 84 people on 25 May 2014.
* 92 people 20 Jan 2014.
* 87 people 12 Jan 2014.
* 103 people 15 Sep 2013 (Revive is a combined church youth service a few times per year, guest speaker from Mt Isa, Keith Christie )
* 57 people 9 Dec 2012.
* 84 people 2 Dec 2012 (Special night when 6 interns graduated.)
* 36 people 29 July 2012.
* 65 people in 7/10/01.
2. Available chairs: 380 (Have fitted 330 + 40 kids in special service.)
3. Type of person: -.
4. Socio- Economic Status: -.
5. Kids: 5 kids aged 1 - 14yo 12Jan14.
6. Ages: 10-60 in 2001. Mostly under 60yo in 2001 - 2014. 25 females aged 15 - 25 12Jan14; 9 males aged 15 - 25 12Jan14; 2 aged 60+;
7. Men: 50%
8. Offering: -.
9. Late arrivals: some.
10. Interesting info: 87 people were there 12 Jan 2014 and there were 39 cars or a ratio of 1:2.
11. Date & Time spent: 6.40pm - 8.25pm 19 Jan 2014. 6.15pm- 8.30pm 12 Jan 2014. 7/10/01 6.40-50pm.
12. When service finished. 1hr 30m.
13. This & other service times: 6pm, 10am.
14. Preacher: Pastor Ken Wooton preached 2 Dec 2012 and M.C. 12 Jan 14. Pastor Ken Wooton began as interim pastor but became Senior Pastor 2014+. Was Jonathon & Kathi Oastler as Senior Pastors Jan 2008 till early 2012.
* What happened to the pastor Peter Pellicaan? Peter Pellicaan left Citilife Christian Outreach church late 2013. Was seen going to St Pats Catholic church Dec 2013 where Peter did not take communion but got got Catholic priest to "bless" his small son during communion. Peter Pellicaan apparently has said publicly late 2013 that he wanted to be a Seminary Catholic lecturer. Began work in Catholic Student Services in Victoria in Jan 2014.
A paid preacher at Citilife Christian Outreach Centre Toowoomba was Peter Pelicaan. Peter Pelicaan's first wife was Cassie. Peter played band at Fibbers Saturday nites as of July 2008. Peter & Cassie separated Easter 08. Peter was at COC from Nov 2007- Dec 2012 as Youth Pastor and Chaplain at school.
*** Peter Pelicaan from Toowoomba got engaged to Leone Glanville in latter 2009, a nurse at St Andrews Hospital. In early December 2009 rode a 600cc trail motorbike on a small acreage property without a helmet and came off on 2 gentle slopes. Fractured his pelvis so bad he ended in Brisbane hospital for weeks. Peter Pelicaan then married second wife Leone Glanville from Rangeville Community Church (where Peter was formerly a paid Pastor.) Peter Pelicaan and Leone Glanville married in early January 2010 and was on crutches and he had to sit during the ceremony. (It's odd how paid church leaders who have made virtual slaves of the Body of Christ so they can profit from the gospel often collect two wives (which is technical adultery against former partner) and then collect 2 houses, 2 cars PLUS fancy motorbikes, live on the most prestigious sides of town. But that's not enough, they will not only NEVER help others but will STOP others to get even rented accommodation, even one spouse or any car. Why? So they can ultimately afford their own luxuries only.
*** Peter Pelicaan left being youth Pastor at Citilife Christian Outreach mid 2012 & left being chaplain Christian Outreach College Dec 2012 & by 11 Nov 2012 Peter's position was undecided for 2013. Peter and Leone's second child "late in term" Nov 2012. Peter's dad, Keith Pelicaan visited "Jesus Tent of the Supernatural" late 2012 with 2 other motorbikes.
15. Feeling: Generally good.
16. Their belief: Very little Hillsong played here so very different style to AOG. Fully charismatic/ Pentecostal. Little room for Toronto blessing area.
17. Dress code: Very casual to very smart.
18. How to get there: Travel South towards Kmart along Hume St passing Church of Christ, is on the next corner of Spring St.



9.30am CITYWIDE CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTRE Address: Wilsonton School Bridge St (This was the second attempt to have a north Toowoomba Christian Outreach Centre. The first attempt was by Ps Paul Galligan in circa late 1980's/ early 1990's held at Mt Lofty school hall which lasted about a year and about 20 - 40 people attended before Paul Galligan gave idea up.)

1. # of people: 26.
2. Available chairs: 70 (Could fit 700 as it was a basketball stadium.)
3. Type of person: Met a cleaner, boner, pensioner etc..
4. Socio- Economic Status: Working.
5. Kids: 9 children. Kid's Church available.
6. Ages: 0-60. Mostly young families.
7. Men: -.
8. Offering: -
9. Late arrivals: -.
**10. Interesting info:
This CHRISTIAN OUTREACH CENTRE OPENED 18 July 2004. By Shane and Sue Cunningham, pastors at a COC on the Sunshine Coast (they were formerly members of the Toowoomba main COC.) They have founded Wilsonton COC as an annexe off their church. Kevin & Tracey Philippa are pastoring it. Les Holmes has been appointed district chairman. Only a few people transferred. Started mid July 2004.
COC has a vision of 1000 churches by 2011.
** Home schooling in Toowoomba is very popular. 400 people in Toowoomba use the ACA system alone. There are several home school types.
** AT MANY ABATTOIRS MUSLIM PRIESTS DEDICATE THE MEAT TO ALLAH. Including Beef City near Toowoomba a Middle Eastern Muslim Priest is specifically employed to dedicate the butchered animals to Allah. He is involved as the beast is killed and before the blood is let out. The employing of Muslims for this practice happens in Australian abattoirs generally and it goes back further than 30 years. (Editors note: The bible says to not eat meat sacrificed to idols. The Acts of the Apostles 15:29 says "That ye abstain from meats offered to idols..." Christian Pastors in specialist practice believe this carries a curse to Australian abattoirs as a whole and site this as the reason for the crushing demise of the Australian abattoir industry and the demise will greatly increase until this practice ceases."
**THE CHRISTIAN RADIO STATION BELIEVES LISTENERS WANT SECULAR MUSIC. Toowoomba's only Christian Radio station "The Light" was founded after the broadcast authorities received an all time record number of letters in requests for a licence. Apparently, the new manager at The Light wants to change the format to play secular music. (Current 29 Aug 2004)

11. Date & Time spent: 29 Aug 2004 8.45am - midday.
12. When service finished. Allow 2 hours. From 9.30am - 11.15am. Plus coffee time.
13. This & other service times: 9.30am.
14. Preacher: Ps
Kevin & Tracey Philippa
**15. Feeling: Warm anticipative feeling. Kevin Philippa fellowshipped originally from Trinity Revival (Ps Keith Davie). It's very rare that people clap after a preacher gives a sermon which was the case.
16. Their belief: Charismatic/ Pentecostal.
17. Dress code: Quite casual.
18. Go west along Bridge St from city, go past Wilsonton Primary School, turn north into Beryl St. Turn 1st right, travel 10 metres, note large metal basketball stadium with Wilsonton sign, plenty of parking.


10am. "CHURCH IN THE PARK" is a church in Hill St at the Laurel Bank Park hall in Toowoomba.

* 74 people 12 Feb 2012.
* 55 on 23 Jan 2011.
* First ever service held 11 Apr 2010 and 37 people attended. (I accidentally came across it on first day it opened.)
3. Type of person:
4. Socio-Economic Status:
5. Amount of kids: Many
6. Ages of people: Under 50yo mostly.
7. % are men.
8. Weekly offering published: No offering is taken. A box is at back of church. All of offering 23 Jan 2011 went to Flood victims.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: -.
10. Any other interesting information: "Church In The Park" in Toowoomba is a friendly, open and warm church of 40 - 60 people situated in the beautiful gardens of Laurel Bank Park where anyone can operate in gifts of the spirit as it's more about the group than one leader. Is Pentecostal and new people should bring any Scripture reading anytime otherwise you feel left out. Too many Christians go to church for the experience but you only feel good when you become part of the church experience. No practice of personal prophecy. Always have a tongues message followed by interpretation. Sing many eighties choruses familiar to any Pentecostal church, with well known older Hillsongs.
* Steve and Sandy Matthews passed away in Jan 10 2011 in the Toowoomba Flood and had gone a few times here.
* Mark McLean is the Pastor. (Despite his denial, I would say "If they walk like a duck and quack like a duck, they are a duck".)" (Solving complaints, making decisions on issues.) His wife Robina McLean and Mark McLean no longer work as teachers but Mark buys and sells cattle via Crows Nest and 2 Quinalow properties.
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 10.50am - 1pm 11 Apr 2010. The church formally started a week after Easter 11 Apr 2010.
12. Length of service: About 90 mins and most people stay for free BBQ afterwards.
13. This and other service times: 10am.
14. Preacher: Different lay preachers all the time.
15. Feeling of building: The church is almost always outside, on the north side of the only building in Laurel Bank Park. There are 2 large signs saying "Church in the Park 10am."
16. Estimate style of belief: * Most people are aware of "Babylon in the church" and "Snakes in the Temple" & Frank Viola stuff like “Pagan Christianity” & “Reimagining Church".
Church follows Curry Blake (John G Lake Ministries) and has had Curry Blake out twice, 2nd time 18 - 20 Feb 2011 Highfields Cultural Centre. Which involves people from Sunshine Coast, RCF people, Darren Brunne (ex RCF) etc... . * The building rent doubled in size on the 18 Mar 2012 (doubling to about $80/week) at Laurel Bank Park. * Kevin & Tracey Philippa began attending "Church in the Park" in 2012. (Kevin Philippa used to pastor about 26 people at Christian Outreach Centre at Wilsonton State School circa 29 Aug 2004. Pulled at least one of his children out of Christian Outreach College in Gr 7 to be home schooled for unspecified reasons. (Apparently, Kevin Philippa did not like Christian Outreach College accepting non-believers as students.) Kevin Philippa worked in 2012 with disadvantaged people.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Is on Hill St between West St and Grand Central Mall.




7.30pm Friday. "THE CELLAR" with Alan Maxwell (not so much a church but a "gathering place.")

3. Type of person: 3 blue collar workers, Single older mothers with older children, invalid pensioners, unemployed.
4. Socio-Economic Status: Lower.
5. Amount of kids: About 8.
6. Ages of people: 8yo to 60yo.
7. % are men.
8. Weekly offering published: No offering taken, only a small donation box for coffee.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: Service only got under way at 8pm.
10. Any other interesting information: It's like a gathering place and it's got street people and everyone laughs and contributes and eats cake and sips tea... 25 people sit on 7 old cheap sofas and chairs. They pay NO rent on the building as the landlord has much spare office space and he likes anything religious - which is 2 small areas in a run down office area of the city centre. There is no pastor. He pushes things back onto Jesus. The talk is very "real." One lady said she cried for 3 years when she separated. One guy got saved 2 weeks ago and he had a miserable week and he told us! One prophet was raving about his revelations which was accepted. One 30yo guy said "I was addicted to the nightclub scene after my wife left, but now... God is healing me." All at "The Cellar." At the end of the night a lady approached me and said "Can I talk to you?" I doubted her sincerity. She said "I just feel God is saying to you that ... well.. you see, God took me completely out of church and showed me incredible things, ... all those denominations...well, let's just say it's a different spirit there. Most churches are copies of Synagogues and most Pastors are Pharisees." .
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 16 July 2004 7.10pm - 11pm.
12. Length of service: 1 hr 45mins to 3hr 30mins! Some people came at 8pm and left at 9.45pm. Some came at 7.30pm and left at 11pm.
13. This and other service times: 7.30pm Friday.
14. Preacher: Alan Maxwell. (non-paid, works fixing houses) Been operating since 2001, originally from Alan's home. In Margaret and Hume Sts since early 2004.
15. Feeling of building: This gathering is held in the bottom floor at the back of a 6 story 45yo building of offices in the CBD on the north west corner at Hume and Margaret Sts. (Not the old TAFE corner, not the Copas Newnham corner, not the Queens Pk corner but the other corner) The 2 room sizes are approximately 6 metres x 6 metres (20 feet x 20 feet and 6 metres x 2 metres 40cm (20 feet x 8 feet). Plus a hallway with 2nd door.
16. Estimate style of belief: Charismatic with a dash of Toronto Blessing. See the file "arcclos" and "The Basement" for Alan Maxwell's background.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel north along Hume St, cross Margaret St. Turn the 1st left (west) at Church Lane then 10 metres down Church Lane turn into a car park with a high brick fence. There is a large building. The unsigned doors are at the very north wall at the ground floor.


2pm 4th Sat. CHINESE CANTONESE BAPTIST CHURCH (I have in heard (in 2011) this church could be meeting at USQ K5 "International religious centre" - near "Allison Dickson Lecture Theatre").

1. NUMBER OF PEOPLE: 21 on 22 Feb 03.
2. NUMBER OF CHAIRS: 225 chairs. (144 plastic, 80 wood.).
*3. Type of person: This group are mainly from Hong Kong which means their main language is Cantonese and not Mandarin. All the sermon and songs are in Cantonese. However, all can speak English. Some from this church go to South Baptist on Sunday's.
4. Socio-Economic Status: High to small business.
5. Amount of kids: 1.
6. Ages of people: 2 at 25yo; mostly 40- 60yo.
7. 30% are men. 6 men out of 20 women.
8. Weekly offering published: -.
*9. Lateness of people getting to church: Pastor was late coming from Brisbane. He travels up once a month from the Toowong Baptist Church where he pastors a Chinese church. They have 2 services there, one in Cantonese for the older people 9am Sunday morning with 50 people. The 10.30am service on Sunday morning is in English and is attended by the children of the Chinese community with 70-80 people.
10. Any other interesting information: -.
11. TIME THERE AND DATE OF VISIT: 22 Feb 03 2pm- 4.30pm.
12. Length of service: 1 hr 30 m.
13. This and other service times: This service is only on the 4th Saturday of the month at 2pm. However, there is a bible study held 2 weeks later on the Monday night. This service has 15 people and is held in the prayer room at South Baptist at 8pm.
14. Preacher: Rev Im Lam.
15. Feeling of building: Warm, friendly.
16. Estimate style of belief: They said they were a part of the Baptist Union. However, they do not have a name for their church.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casually smart.
18. How to get there: Travel to Alderley St and between Hume and Ramsay is Geddes St which comes to a T section, turn down Geddes and the church is 50 metres on the left. Park on the big grassed area.

20. People who talked to me after the service: Heaps.
21. Length of time they talked: 2mins- 60mins.
22. How soon do visitors get talked to after service?: After 3 mins.
*24. Unusual things about worship: The songs are in Cantonese.
25. EMPHASIS OF MINISTRY: Reaching out to all Chinese.
*26. Famous business people: Yat Lowe goes here. (He has had a TV repair business in Toowoomba since before 1980.) I asked him if was a Christian and he said "Well, I am searching actually."
***27. Famous people: A lecturer in Mechanical/ Surveying from USQ goes there. Harry Ku said "I have not been long a Christian. I have been at USQ for 9 years. In our Engineering department there are 6 Indian staff. I found out that in the last 2 positions advertised for lecturers, only 30 people applied and not one Australian had applied."
28. KNOWABLE SONGS: None. Overhead has Chinese characters.
29. Quality of sound system/ loudness: .
*30. Quality of preaching generally: Sermon in Cantonese but for a track which was said in English. (I had told the Pastor and others how I would prefer them to not preach in English for me which they would have been inclined to do.)
32. Enjoyment/ lightness of preaching: Light.
34. Amount of home groups: One. 8pm Mondays.
35. How to access home groups: See Ps Im Lam.
*37. Intention to build: Toowong Baptist was originally an Aussie church but now it's all Chinese. Which could happen here.
38. Estimate percentage church owned / rented?: They give an offering to South Baptist.
42. Have sister churches where? Toowong Baptist.
43. Sunday School availability: No.
57. Pastor receive stipend? Yes
59. Qualifications of Pastor: Masters. An ordained Minister from "Macau Bible Institute". He came from China to work in Australia as their Pastor.



*(Former name "The Faith Centre" from 4th Av.)
1. Number of people: 17. (When Pat Morgan preached and sung - 33 people 28 Nov 04. Based at Dunamis in Brisbane.) 14 on 12 Sep 10.
2. Number of chairs: 60.
3. Type of person: -.
4. Socio-Economic Status: Lower.
5. Amount of kids: Four. 4 in 12 Sep 10.
6. Ages of people: Mostly 30yo-50yo.
7. 50% are men.
8. Weekly offering published: -.
9. Lateness of people getting to church: -.
**10. Any other interesting information: This Pastor or church originally split from the old "Trinity Revival" with Ps Keith Davie, Union St (not to be confused with the "The Revival Fellowship" on MacGregor St who believe you've got to speak in tongues basically in order to be saved.) This church is now joined with Ps Trevor Chandler's CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTRE INTERNATIONAL at New Farm Brisbane.
11. Time there AND date of visit: 12 Sep 10. 2/9/01 10.20am - 12.15pm.
12. Length of service: 2 hours 30 mins.
13. This and other service times: 10am on 12 Sep 10. (Was 9.30am in 2001).
*14. Preacher: Ps Geoff Hass. He had worked 20 years in the Navy.
15. Feeling of building: ok.
16. Estimate style of belief: Charismatic. A little Toronto blessing.
17. Dress code so as not to stand out: Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel along James into Tor turn left into Rob St.

CHRISTIAN LIFE CENTRE Gatton (As this is not in Toowoomba, see web page "Brisbane/ Other churches")

CHRISTADELPHIAN ECCLESIA. See "Non-traditional churches".

CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS. See "Non-traditional churches".

CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH OF TOOWOOMBA. (Formerly known as "Dutch Reformed.")

1. # of people:
* 150 24 Nov 2013 (Christening).
* 120 25 Aug 2013.
* 95 people 12 Sep 2010;
* 66 people circa 2001. (About a 50% increase over 10 years 2001 - 2010.)
2. Empty chairs: 155 chairs.
*3. Type of person: Lots of Dutch people. (Their original name was "Dutch Reformed.") (Pastor Keith Pelicaan who once founded Vision Church originally came from Toowoomba Christian Reformed Church.)
4. Socio- Economic Status: Teacher COC, J Moes the Builder.
5. Kids: Heaps! Twenty seven & same number in 2013.
6. Ages: All.
7. Men: No more or less.
8. Offering: In 2010 things are much better financially said Rev John Westendorp. (In 2001 was $1206 in one week and doing it tough apparently. Like with all churches, if there are internal problems the members withhold giving as a sign of discontent. In 2012 were paying 80% stipend so were saving. In 2013 were not saving nor in debt as had full time stipend to pay. One leader said "About twice a year, two people might give about $5,000 each." (Most churches this happens.)
9. Late arrivals: -.
**10. Interesting info: * Glenvale School nearby is not formally owned by Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba but was loosely attached and was originally called "Presbyterian Reformed Christian School".
* Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba has 10 hectares 718 Boundary St and could sell 5 hectares to Adventists behind them to share car parking so then they will have money for bigger building.
* Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba has employed Presbyterian ministers to preach sermons as the only difference is that Presbyterians are Scottish. The Reformed are from Holland. One Presbyterian minister could not cite any differences in theology with Reformed churches.
* One minister said 24 Aug 13 "Sermons are excellent on sermonaudio.com"
* " Free Reformed" is branch off Dutch Reformed that a Toowoomba resident sent his daughter to in a Free Reformed school in Tasmania. Asked if it was more strict than "Reformed", he said "Oh no, the opposite would be more true. It's more lenient. Not so strict." Many Dutch live in Tasmania. The 5th largest group.
**A manse (House for pastor) is on the property with a small primary school, the Presbyterian Reformed Christian School was a school on the same land as the Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba but back then apparently was quite independent from the Christian Reformed Church of Toowoomba.

11. Time spent: 8.30am - 11am 25Aug13. 8.50am-11.25am 2001.
12. When service finished. 10.50am.
13. This & other service times: 9am and 5pm where 1/3 rd of morning meet.
14. Preacher: Rev Andrew Nugteren became the full time Pastor at Reformed Church Toowoomba May 2013. Rev Andrew Nugteren was originally from New Zealand, starting ministry in Wellington in 2006. Andrew Nugteren had 7 children by 2014 and his wife was Lydia. Rev Andrew Nugteren preached 25 Aug 2013 at "Classis" which was the Reformed Church state wide meeting held in Reformed Church , Inala, Brisbane. In 2013, Rev Andrew Nugteren was preaching in Brisbane half the month (To a Reformed church with no stipended Pastor). In 2013, Rev John Westendorp preached the other half the month in Toowoomba. Rev John Westendorp was retired in 2013 from the Toowoomba church and was paid 1 day per week. (Rev Tony Van Drimmelen was a pastor here before 2012.)
15. Feeling: Good.
16. Their belief: Not Charismatic, fundamentalists in a dry way. Church pews have all pre 2011 N.I.V. bibles. They have a supervised communion in 1980 - 2014. To get communion, before service begins, has a requirement that you need to tell leaders that your a believer and you are in good standing with the church you are coming from. No checking.
17. Dress code: Men wear collared shirts. Women can wear trouser slacks. Casual to smart.
18. How to get there: Travel towards the show grounds along Glenvale Rd, turn left into Boundary.

CHRISTIAN REFORMED CHURCH OF TOOWOOMBA. (Formerly known as "Dutch Reformed.")

1. # of people:
* 31 people 30 Mar 2014.
* 27 people 24 Nov 2013.
2. Empty chairs: 155 chairs.
*3. Type of person:
4. Socio- Economic Status:
5. Kids:
6. Ages: All.
7. Men:
8. Offering:
9. Late arrivals: -.
**10. Interesting info: Young people aged 15 to 25yo have a high retention rate denominationally here. It's probably fair to say that the pragmatism of the Dutch works in so much that they are not ruthless in their demands of puritanical thoughts and deeds of the young. But you simply must do both. Go to church as much as you can. Live in the world and sort it all out. Gravity to the church seems to naturally preside. Much research on overbearing strict churches does not "win the game." Parents seem to gently , comprehensively and intelligently guide their children.
11. Time spent: 4.30pm - 6.30pm 24 Nov 2013.
12. When service finished. About 6pm.
13. This & other service times: 5pm and 9am. As usual with all Protestsnt churches at 5pm , 1/3 rd of morning meet.
14. Preacher: On 30 Mar 2014 Rev Andrew Nugteren preached at Toowoomba Christian Reformed Church. Andrew Nugteren quoted Mathew Henry and Tozer in this sermon "Wherever there is true grace, there is a desire for more grace." Pastor Andrew Nugteren also said "Wine in moderation....". In 24 Nov 2013, Rev John Westendorp preached. Rev Andrew Clark (from Mary St Presbyterian used to preach here circa 2010 & be paid as they (Reformed and Presbyterian) are very similar doctrinally. Reformed is Dutch. Presbyterian is Scottish.)
15. Feeling: -.
16. Their belief:
17. Dress code:
18. How to get there: Travel towards the show grounds along Glenvale Rd, turn left into Boundary.

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